SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – The University of Utah board of trustees got a full briefing on 30 recommendations to keep students and faculty safe.

This comes after student Lauren McClusky was shot and killed in the parking lot of her campus dorm room.

“What happened to Lauren McCluskey is an absolute tragedy. I remain deeply sorrowful about Laurens death and I know that our campus continues to grieve for Lauren,” said Ruth Watkins, University of Utah President.


While the university continues to grieve it is also pushing forward with 30 recommendations to help prevent a tragedy similar to that of last October.

Watkins said, “I am taking personal responsibility to see that every one of the review team’s 30 recommendations is put into place as quickly as possible”

The main recommendation involves the behavioral intervention team or BIT and it’s work with campus police.

BIT coordinators respond in urgent cases involving violent threats.

“Extremely important for us to have everybody have that knowledge and report things to us,” said Dale Brophy University of Utah Chief of Police. 

University officers are working with the Salt Lake City Police Department on how to properly handle domestic violence cases.

All police reports will be read and sent to detectives the day of the shift, so no one misses anything. Officers will also have direct contact with adult probation and parole.

“We have used it on several occasions since the situation and it is working extremely well,” said Brophy.

The real question today involves accountability. President Watkins said she decided not to fire anyone who was working in “good faith” in the events leading up to and after Lauren’s death.

“At the same time I fully expect accountability and compliance with these actions as we move forward,” said Watkins. 

But not without recognizing that Wednesday would be Lauren McCluskey’s birthday if this ‘absolute tragedy’ would have never happened.

McCluskey’s mother took to Twitter stating she was unaware of the university’s plan to release the update Tuesday.