Unified Police out looking for drivers who don’t obey crosswalk laws

Local News
MAGNA, Utah (News4Utah) – The Unified Police Department is working to make sure children who walk to school get there safely. Officers dressed in plain clothes and walked across two different crosswalks in Magna and looked for drivers who did not stop for them and obey the traffic laws.
The drivers who did not stop for the officers were pulled over and either given a warning or a citation.
The goal of Wednesday’s operation was to cut down on aggressive driving and make sure people slow down when going through school zones.
Zack Young, with the Unified Police Department, said kids need to do their part as well and make sure they are crossing the street in designated crosswalk areas.
“In locations where they choose not to use a crosswalk, they lose their protection of their right-of-way. So where we’ve designated these places for them to safely cross, we encourage them to do so,” said Young.
News4Utah’s Brittany Johnson put the operation to the test. Watch and see what happened when our cameras were rolling:

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