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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) Today is the second day to legally light off fireworks in Utah. But, that doesn’t mean you can set them off anywhere. Even though the new dates are posted at firework stands, some customers are still confused by the new rules. Even though it’s legal, officials say you still need to be careful. Matthew McFarland from Unified Fire, joined Emily Clark, with some tips on how to stay safe.

OBEY ALL LAWS: Please obey all local and state laws regarding the use of state approved consumer

RELIABILITY: Purchase fireworks from reliable and licensed dealers. Do not use illegal explosives,                               alter any firework devices, or attempt to make your own fireworks.

USE COMMON SENSE: Read all warning labels and follow directions for each firework device. Never                                             put your head or any part of your body over a firework. Do not look into a                                                 tube to inspect a firework or hold a lit firework in your hand.

HANDLE WITH CARE: Fireworks should be stored in a cool, dry place until ready for use. Fireworks
                                       should not be carried in your pocket. Never aim, point or throw fireworks at                                               another person. Soak used fireworks(including duds) in a bucket of water prior                                         to disposal.

ADULTS ONLY: Children should not handle, play with, or light fireworks. Fireworks are very hot and can
                           cause severe burns. Adults should handle and light all fireworks to insure proper use.

KEEP YOUR DISTANCE: Use fireworks outdoors in a clear, open area away from buildings and                                                      vehicles. Avoid dry grass and brush that could easily ignite. Spectators                                                    should remain at least 30 feet away from the shooting area.

NO ALCOHOL: Do not consume alcoholic beverages while lighting fireworks. Alcohol use increases the
                          possibility of misuse and injury.

HARD, FLAT & LEVEL SURFACE: Light fireworks on a hard, flat, level surface to prevent them from                                                               tipping over. If lighting on grass, use a flat wooden board as a                                                                   shooting surface. The use of bricks is a great way to add additional                                                           support to aerial fireworks to keep them from tipping.

LIGHTING: The use of safety glasses is recommended when lighting fireworks. Light fireworks one at a
                   time. Do not attempt to re-light a “dud.” When a firework fails to ignite, leave it alone for at                       least 5 minutes, then immerse in water and dispose of it properly.

WINDY CONDITIONS: Use caution when lighting fireworks during windy conditions. Fireworks should                                          be lit with the prevailing wind blowing away from spectators. If there is                                                      significant wind, stop shooting until the windy conditions subside.

EXTINGUISHMENT SOURCE: Make sure that you keep a bucket of water, a garden hose, and/or a fire
                                                   extinguisher nearby in case of emergency.

BE MINDFUL OF PETS AND ANIMALS: Animals may be frightened by the sounds and lights of                                                                              fireworks. Keep your pets inside and farm animals moved                                                                          away during your fireworks show.

To see what the fire restrictions are in your area, visit UnifiedFire.org.

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