WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Six people have been arrested in Weber County, accused of patronizing prostitutes. Weber County Sheriff’s Office said its investigation unit caught them in a recent undercover sting in West Haven. 

There’s a history of prostitution right here in West Haven, according to Lt. Cortney Ryan of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. He said even though arrests have been made, their work isn’t done. 

The sheriff’s office arrested these six people for “patronizing a prostitute” and two of them have active arrest warrants.

“It was an operation that was done through media apps and classified ads and things like that online,” said Lt. Ryan.

An operation that began online, that brought officers near 21st St. in West Haven. The sheriff’s office used Operation: “GG Kisses”, G-G, standing for “good game,” to target suspects seeking sexual services for the exchange of money, identify predators and locate victims of human trafficking, according to Lt. Ryan.

“We actually had one person who was offering a Bluetooth speaker and a laptop, in exchange for sexual activity,” said Lt. Ryan.

Lt. Ryan said even though they didn’t find anyone who was forced into prostitution or human trafficking, the operation was a success.

“This is something that exists and some people don’t understand that crimes like this exist in our community,” said Lt. Ryan.

Lt. Ryan said the work doesn’t stop here and they’re going to continue to do operations like this.

“It’s 100% not a victimless crime, as we’ve seen throughout the county, and there’s people who are forced to do this job,” said Lt. Ryan.

Lt. Ryan said Weber County Sheriff’s Office’s goal is to intervene and get people help to prevent an escalation of crimes.

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Jordan Verdadeiro
She is a multilingual multimedia journalist. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Jordan was born and raised in New Jersey and comes from a Chilean and Portuguese background and hopes to tap into the diverse communities that range in northern Utah.