UTAH (ABC4) – Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) Troopers cracked down on speeding and other road violations Wednesday. They wanted to remind drivers that even though we’re past our 100 deadliest days, speeding and reckless driving is still a bad issue in our state.

They said high speeds and reckless driving is a problem that keeps getting worse, especially in Utah county. We road along with a state trooper and it didn’t take long to catch bad drivers.

Speeding, not having a proper license, crossing the double lines of an HOV lane and not moving over a line for a trooper: these are a couple ways you can get a ticket, even in the short time we rode with Corporal Tara Wahlberg.

“Speeding is such an everyday occurrence on our roadways, so we’ll definitely see quite a few people,” Wahlberg said.

Troopers said Utah County is especially problematic.

“Consistent speeding problems both north and southbound, and we’re just trying to make sure to slow it down. There’s curves in the area. There’s hills in the area. It’s hard to always see whether there’s debris or dangers or hazard on the roadway and it’s causing crashes on the roadway and injuring people,” Trooper Mike Alexander said.

Troopers said the most common excuse they get is people saying they don’t realize how fast they’re going, especially in newer cars.

“Yes, they are very smooth, you know, as they travel down the road but that you know requires you to be more cognizant of your speed and be more in control of your vehicle,” Alexander said.

Or in some cases, people do not realize that they’re doing something illegal, like not moving over a lane if you’re driving by a trooper in the shoulder.

“Usually people are always like, ‘I didn’t know that was a law.’ It’s been a law in Utah for 20 years and it’s a law in all 50 states,” Wahlberg said.

But UHP wanted to remind people they’re not out to get you, but our roads need to become safer.

“We’re not in it to write the tickets, we’re in it to remind people to slow down and be safe,” Alexander said.