DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) Lt. Jacob Cox performed an act of heroism and sacrifice on the morning of Saturday, April 2.

In Davis County, Lt. Cox intercepted a car that had entered a well-marked construction zone where Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) contractors were conducting concrete repair overnight.

UHP reports that just before 1:35 a.m., Lt. Cox saw the car enter the closed area of southbound I-15 between 700 S and Antelope Dr., and upon turning on his lights, sirens, the driver of the car did not respond.

When Cox moved his car to intercept her, she reportedly swerved to get around him in the second lane.

Lt. Cox cut her off with a collision that put his car’s right front corner into her right front corner. The impact spun Cox’s vehicle around, and inside the vehicle, his radio and body cam were knocked off and airbags deployed.

The incident happened in less than 30 seconds, according to UHP.

The woman was subsequently arrested after a preliminary test detected the presence of alcohol.

UHP says in a Facebook post, “This is the type of heroism we see from our UHP troopers on a regular basis. We are grateful to Lt. Cox that these workers were able to go home safely last week.”