UHP saturates point of the mountain to reduce crashes

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DRAPER, Utah (ABC4 Utah) If you’re breaking the law while driving around the point of the mountain this week, plan on getting a ticket. 

The Utah Highway Patrol “spot checked” an area known for having one of the highest crash rates in the state. 

Troopers said they’re doing it to spread a strong message.

“The speed limit is the speed limit. If you go over it, you’ll probably get a ticket today,” Lt. Jeff Nigbur said.

Within minutes, Trooper Stanton Tucker spotted a driver going 15 miles over the limit. 

“People tend to go that fast,” Trooper Tucker said. “Sometimes they need a little reminder here that the speed limit is 70, not 75, 80, and 85.”

Within a four hour period Tuesday, UHP expected to ticket 250 drivers.

The motorcycle blitz comes after more than 6,000 crashes in the last five years. Seven of them were fatal, according to UDOT. 

“Not very smart decisions are being made out there, to be honest. We’ve got speeding, we’ve got people not wearing their seat belts, people following way to close and basically not being a courteous driver,” Lt. Nigbur said.

Troopers hope their presence alone causes drivers to slow down and pay attention. If that doesn’t work, they’re not afraid to take action. It’s all an effort to reduce crashes in the highly-traveled area.

You can expect to see the Motor Squad at the point of the mountain through Friday.

This week’s spot check is part of a state-wide program. 

The motor squad started heavily patrolling in Box Elder County, then made their way through Davis and Weber counties. They will finish out the year in St. George.  

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