UTAH (ABC4) – The Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) has extra people to patrol the roads around certain holidays.

According to an annual report in 2021, the 4th of July holiday had the most DUI arrests during the extra patrol period. 

This weekend UHP will have more than 80 additional shifts, watching people who may be speeding or driving impaired. 

Trooper Quincy Breuer has been a part of several of these enforcement efforts. He said one of the most frustrating things is when he finds out several people saw someone intoxicated and let them get behind the wheel. 

“I know I would want somebody to call them in or take their keys away, something like that. So they weren’t driving on the road with my family there,” said Breuer. 

Breuer said DUI arrests are on the rise and this year is on track to hit a new record.