SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Utah and every state around it will have law enforcement looking for drivers not wearing their seatbelts. 

It’s apart of the “Click It or Ticket Border to Border” campaign. 

In 2018, Utah Highway Patrol Troopers say 51 people died on Utah roads for not buckling up.

Troopers say they are done with warnings and will issue anyone who doesn’t put on a seatbelt a $45 citation. 

“Today our ability to bring down traffic fatalities isn’t succeeding. We need the public’s help because last year at this time we had 80 fatalities and already this year we have 79 in the same period,” said UHP’s Sergeant Nick Street. 

Law enforcement officials say there will be zero tolerance for unbuckled riders. The point is clear, “Click It” or get a ticket.

“And sometimes the citation is part of that education at times, but also to grab their attention to say ‘this is really important’, and it is not just about one individual, it’s about the whole community coming together to decide on different habits and how we are going to be safer in our motoring habits,” said UHP Major Tyler Kotter.

Sgt. Street added, “We are focusing that effort a little more towards the night time this year with our campaign because of that 55 percent increase we see in fatalities at night where people are unrestrained.”

61 law enforcement agencies will work over 600 shifts to make sure Utahns are wearing their seatbelts until June 2nd.

“If you look at terrorism or firearm-related deaths and things like that, they pale in comparison to the number of people we lose that don’t buckle up,” said the sergeant.

Troopers are pleading with family and friends to make sure their loved ones are buckled up on Utah roads so that they don’t have to make an appearance at your door this summer. 


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