SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – As the summer of construction begins — UDOT is planning 175 projects totaling $2.5 billion this summer — officials are warning people to stay off of construction sites.

“We’ve had several reports of people using and accessing construction zones that really shouldn’t be there,” said John Gleason, spokesperson for the Utah Dept. of Transportation.

“We’ve had kids that have been accessing the equipment, people that have ridden their bikes,” added Gleason.

Joseph Jardine is a personal injury and criminal defense attorney who has represented construction workers injured on job sites. He says those locations aren’t safe for people who aren’t working there, even if it’s easy to access the area after hours.

“The reality is, people can get in oftentimes. And when you’re in, it’s super easy to step in a hole that you weren’t expecting, to trip over some wires, to get yourself cut up on some rebar,” said Jardine.

“Be aware, if you’ve entered that site — if you’ve gone past those protections — it’s going to be your problem. In addition to the injuries, you may be hit with a trespassing charge,” added Jardine.