UDOT reminds drivers to not ‘crowd the plow’

Local News

TAYLORSVILLE (ABC 4 News) – Utah Department of Transportation officials are reminding drivers to stay safe before the first big snow of the year. 

The upcoming storm can make the roads slick and wet, and officials say first, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. They also say pay attention, and drive slower than normal when snow is on the roads.

UDOT has 550 snow plows statewide that could all be out at any given time working on the roads.

“Give them plenty of space to work. They’re out there making the roads as safe as possible for the rest of us and so you want to make sure that you’re within, no closer than a couple hundred feet. Also, it’s there to protect you. If you get too close to the plow, there’s plenty of rocks and dirt and everything that they’re kicking up,” said John Gleason, UDOT’s Public Information Officer.

UDOT officials also say never pass a snow plow, because they can have plows on either side. They say the safest place to be when driving in the snow is behind the plows. 

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