SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – The Utah Department of Transportation is taking advantage of a dry break in Utah’s weather to repair potholes that have formed from the intense winter.

The flyover ramp from US-40 to westbound I-80 just east of Park City was closed by UDOT crews on Thursday, March 16. During the closure, UDOT crews removed and replaced damaged asphalt and repaired several large potholes that formed because of the extremely wet weather.

UDOT Public Relations Director John Gleason said the more storms there are, the more opportunity there is for moisture to seep into cracks in the road. The high amount of precipitation in Utah this winter paired with freeze and thaw cycles allows water to get into the road’s surface and speed up the formation of potholes.

“This is the wettest winter that we’ve had in 40 years which is incredible,” said Gleason. “It’s not only about keeping the roads plowed but keeping them in good shape. This is what we are doing today. Taking advantage of the warm weather to address this issue.”

Gleason said potholes have been a statewide issue this season and UDOT plans on being out across the state during this weekend break in the weather to fix as many as they can before the next storm rolls in.

UDOT has reportedly spent 25 percent more on patching potholes than on average in the last three years with about three and half months left in the fiscal year. Gleason said on average, UDOt spends under $1 million – this year they have spent closer to $1.2 million.

Earlier this year, UDOT exceeded its annual $24 million snow removal budget due to the high amount of snow Utah has received. As of the end of February, UDOT plow drivers had driven 2.24 million miles and worked nearly 120,000 hours to clear the roads.

Now that the storms are starting to let up, UDOT has to start working on the next hazard.

“Potholes can cause damage or cause a crash,” said Gleason. “It’s something we all avoid, so that’s why we are here when we can, addressing this issue.”