UDOT employee seriously injured in crash up Parleys Canyon

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PARLEYS CANYON, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – A Utah Department of Transportation employee was seriously injured in a crash up Parleys Canyon Thursday. 
“It’s a sobering reminder of just how vulnerable our workers are,” said John Gleason UDOT spokesperson. 
Three UDOT trucks were pulled over on the side of the road with overhead lights on. The employees were going to inspect the bridge when Utah Highway Patrol says the semi veered halfway onto the shoulder and struck the UDOT truck. 

The UDOT truck was pushed into the worker who was then thrown into the truck in front of him. 
Troopers say things could have been much worse. 
 “It did not pin him between the two trucks, but knocked him down off his truck into the other truck and into the ground,” said Sgt. Todd Royce with Utah Highway Patrol. 

The worker was identified as Morgan McCarthy. He was rushed to the University of Utah Hospital. His injuries are described as serious, but not life-threatening. 
While this worker is likely to recover, officials say paying attention can help avoid these situations in the future.
“They need to be looking far ahead they need to be anticipating any problems that are up there. If you see a worker off to the side of the road make sure you slow down and move over we can’t emphasize that enough,” said Sgt. Royce.  
Even if people can’t move over into the next lane, there are still ways to stay safe.
“At the very least at least slow down and pay attention for these people. They’re wanting to get home safely to their families,” said Gleason. 
UDOT says Thursday’s crash is another example why drivers need to pay attention at all times on the road.
Troopers are investigating why the truck driver left his lane. 

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