SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – It’s no secret Utah has had a record-breaking winter season, which has kept snowplows busy cleaning up Utah’s streets.

In a recent tweet from the Utah Department of Transportation, snowplow crews have plowed over 4.8 million miles of Utah roads and clocked over 120,000 hours. According to the UDOT, their crews could circle the Earth about 193 times with their efforts.

The record-breaking winter has undoubtedly kept UDOT busy since the start of the year. In December, UDOT said their crews had plowed just over 650,000 miles, an impressive 4.2-million-mile difference in just a few months.

Since December’s snowfall, Utah ski resorts have reached over 700 inches of snow for the season, and Utah’s Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) – or the amount of water you would get if you melted the entire snowpack – tied a 40-year-old record at 26 inches. With another month to go, the SWE is expected to break the record in the coming days.

On Friday, Utah was hit with snow squalls from the Ogden area in northern Utah down to the central Utah areas of Nephi and Scipio. The quick bursts of snow and high winds have only added to the snow totals across Utah and kept UDOT crews even busier as Utah’s winter continues well into the spring season.