SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – As part of a safety feature pilot program, the ride-share service Uber has given both drivers and riders the ability to record audio during trips in Salt Lake City. The feature expanded to Salt Lake City on Monday, Nov. 7, making the state capital one of six U.S. cities where the pilot program is being tested.

The recording can be enabled through the “Safety Toolkit” in the app. Uber says once it is enabled, riders and drivers will have the option to record audio during a trip by tapping on the blue shield on the map screen and hitting “Start” on the “Record Audio” option.

Riders and drivers can start and stop recording at any point during the trip and recording will automatically stop once the trip is completed. According to Uber, if a driver enables the feature, the rider will receive a message alerting them that audio may be recorded during the trip.

In the state of Utah, it is lawful to record conversations without consent so long as the one recording is actively involved in the conversation, or has permission from at least one person actively involved, as long as the recording isn’t being used for criminal activity.

An encrypted audio file will be stored on the user’s phone once recording is stopped. Uber says in a release that no one will be able to listen to the recording, including Uber, in order to help protect privacy.

If a user reports a safety incident to Uber, they can attach the audio file to the report and share it with the safety support team. Uber says once the file is shared, it will be decrypted and reviewed by a trained safety agent, which will help Uber determine how to resolve the issue.

“From the start, our goal was to design this feature in a way that keeps the recordings secure and protects the privacy of all parties involved, says Uttara Sivaram, head of privacy and security public policy, in a statement. “That’s why we built this feature to immediately encrypt the audio file and store it directly on the user’s phone, ensuring that no one, not even Uber, is able to access the recording unless a user submits it to us to review.”

Uber says the audio recording feature is currently live in more than a dozen countries, and that there have been “many instances” where the audio file has helped after a safety incident.

According to Uber, a majority of riders and drivers felt safer with feature implemented.