U.S. Department of Education reverses plans to require teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools

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Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) on the floor of the Senate, December 11, 2020 (Nexstar)

WASHINGTON D.C. – The United States Department of Education reversed plans to require the teaching of Critical Race Theory after receiving some pushback, including from Utah Senator Mike Lee (R), according to a press release from Lee.

The release states that previous plans by the department would have required that Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project be taught in order for schools to be eligible to receive certain government grants.

Sen. Lee submitted a letter to the Department of Education in May that read in part:

“The federal government should have no role in the creation of an American history and civics curriculum for K-12 education, and this very proposal is evidence of why the involvement of federal bureaucrats in education is misguided. … We have seen in recent years what happens when we indulge the cultural fragmentation of our national community. The critical race theory does not celebrate diversity; it weaponizes diversity.”

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