U.S. Attorney for Utah: States with legal marijuana are ‘incubators for organized crime’

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – One day after the controversial measure on medical marijuana was certified to be on Utah’s ballot this November, the top lawyer and head of the Drug Enforcement Administration in the State of Utah strongly come out against legalizing marijuana.

“Legalized marijuana in states have become incubators for organized crime,” said John Huber, U.S. Attorney for Utah.

Huber says legal marijuana in other states affects us in a negative way.

“The black market affects our quality of life and other states’ quality of life.”

Brian Besser, head of the DEA in Utah echoes the words of the top cop.

“It’s being sold on the streets and making a lot of money. We are seeing high grade marijuana from our neighboring states and it’s grown legally,” said Besser.

DJ Schanz with Utah Patients Coalition, organization behind the Utah Medical Cannabis Act initiative released this statement: 

“The real crime in this situation and inhumane action would be to continue to criminalize patients who use cannabis for a certain amount of relief who suffer from cancer, aids, epilepsy and chronic pain. 

We want to get down to any medicinal value marijuana and its constituents it has and get it to the people who really need it. We want to see sick people get the medicine they need but we have to be careful if we are equating raw plant material as quote end quote medicine,” said Besser.

Proponents of medical marijuana argue the plant and cannabis oil have different properties that can treat for different types of pain and ailments. 

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