UTAH (ABC4) – For the next two weeks, all fraternity and sorority houses at the University of Utah are not allowed to hold any social events. This comes after a second sexual assault involving a fraternity was reported. 

David Hoyt lives near several fraternity houses. After seeing multiple parties get out of hand, he says the allegations do not surprise him. 

“You hear about things happening, and you see fights happening and just teenagers when they’re intoxicated aren’t aren’t the most fun people to be around,” said Hoyt. 

Will Samrick and Frank Vecchie are members of a local fraternity. They say it’s unfortunate incidents like this overshadow the good work Greek organizations do. While the University of Utah said it will look at more training for these organizations, Samrick and Vecchie say they have lead programs every week that cover things like alcohol awareness and sexual assault. 

In a statement the University also said they will meet with fraternity and sorority leaders to discuss the next steps in improving safety, accountability and transparency within the community. When asked what that might look like, an official told ABC4 they are in the beginning stages and were not ready to share that information. 

“What are their priorities with the Greek system? Do they want it to just be a big party system that pulls in more students that want to have that party life, that college experience? Or do they want it to be a positive community where people feel safe, and where people want to engage in the community and be more involved? And I think if the latter is their priority, I think they do need to enforce some more sanctions that would push the system towards that,” said Hoyt. 

According to the University, the most recent sexual assault report involving a fraternity was submitted anonymously. Authorities are encouraging people to come forward if they have any information on these allegations or any other possible cases of sexual assault. 

For immediate support, call 801-585-2677 and ask to speak to an on-call crisis support specialist.