SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Two teens have been charged as adults after a fatal carjacking attempt in Salt Lake City this September, according to Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill.

17-year-old Bryan Galicia was shot and killed while sitting in a car with his girlfriend after a party September 10.

According to the declaration of probable cause, officers with the Salt Lake City Police Department received reports of a shooting during the early hours of that Saturday morning.

Upon arrival, officers reportedly found Galicia in the driver’s seat of his car with multiple gunshot wounds.

Galicia’s girlfriend told detectives that they were going home after leaving a party, charging documents state.

The couple reportedly noticed a dark vehicle following them, and upon parking, the car passed them going north, then turned around and came back.

Charging documents state that the car parked behind the couple before a passenger, identified as 16-year-old Christian Rodriguez, got out and approached Galicia.

Rodriguez was reportedly wearing a blue bandana over his face and “yelled something” before firing multiple shots, hitting Galicia.

Rodriguez then ran back to the other vehicle and left the scene, according to court documents.

Detectives were able to lift Rodriguez’s fingerprint from the driver’s side handle of Galicia’s vehicle, as well as located a bullet impact in the upper driver side door panel. Four 9mm mixed shell casings were recovered from the scene.

Witnesses state that Rodriguez, along with 17-year-old Nestor Del Valle, had planned to commit a carjacking of a car that the mother of Del Valle’s girlfriend had backed into.

However, upon following the car they intended to carjack, the pair lost sight, then “thought they saw it again” and began following it.

The suspects reportedly realized that the new car they were following wasn’t the same as the one they intended to carjack, but “wanted it anyway.”

Police say Del Valle gave Rodriguez a gun to use, which Rodriguez then shot Galicia with before returning it back to Del Valle.

Detectives searched Rodriguez’s residence and found two blue bandanas, multiple cellphones, several different kinds of ammunition, several handgun magazines, marijuana, scales and packaging, gun cases, and a Bersa Thunder .380 handgun with four bullets in the magazine and one in the chamber.

Christian Rodriguez, 16, was charged with the following:

  • One count, Criminal Homicide, Aggravated Murder (First Degree Felony)
  • One count, Aggravated Robbery (First Degree Felony)
  • Two counts, Felony Discharge of a Firearm with Serious Bodily Injury (First Degree Felony)
  • One count, Felony Discharge of a Firearm (Third Degree Felony)
  • One count, Possession by Minor of a Handgun (Class B Misdemeanor)

Nestor Del Valle, 17, was charged with the following:

  • One count, Murder (First Degree Felony)
  • One count, Aggravated Robbery (First Degree Felony)