Two mortar bombs found in remote area near Escalante

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mortars near Escalante

GARFIELD COUNTY (News4Utah)- Demolition experts at Hill Air Force Base ere called to a remote area near Escalante, Utah after officials say they received an email that someone had found two mortars.

It happened on Thursday, April 19 on Road 153.

Police say the concerned citizen said at first they thought the two objects were bowling pins, but as they got closer they realized they were in fact mortars. A mortar is an artillery weapon that fires explosive shells. The shells are known as mortar bombs. 

Demolition experts from Hill Air Force Bas responded and destroyed the two mortars at the scene. Officials were unable to confirm if the mortars were live.

If you see something suspicious while recreating the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office say don’t touch. Simply take pictures and contact them.

*Correction: An earlier version of the story identified the Utah National Guard as the team that responded to destroy the mortars. The story has since been updated with the correct information.

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