SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Already ranking eighth in the nation for the most firearms recovered during TSA checkpoints, two more guns – this time, loaded – have been discovered at Salt Lake City International. This is just the latest incident of TSA agents finding firearms, already dubbed a “regular occurrence.”

Earlier this month, TSA spoke with ABC4 about the 92 guns found in carry-on luggage at Salt Lake City International Airport.

“Every time we discover a firearm, we have to cease all screening, make a notification to law enforcement, that passenger is escorted out of the security checkpoint, and everybody who is behind that passenger has to wait for that process to go through,” TSA spokeswoman Lori Dankers explains. That exact process happened over the weekend at Salt Lake City International Airport.

TSA reports two loaded guns, pictured below, were found by officers at the Salt Lake City airport during routine screening of travelers’ carry-on luggage. Firearms can only travel on commercial aircraft if they are unloaded and in a locked, hard-sided case in checked baggage.

If you are found with a firearm at checkpoint lines, Salt Lake City Police will speak with you. You could also face fines of up to $13,000. BB guns, airlift guns, and anything that looks like a firearm is not allowed in carry-on luggage. For what can and cannot be brought onto an airplane, click here.

TSA agents recently found a traveler with a knife stashed in their shoe at Salt Lake City International.

In 2020, TSA reported fewer people taking to the skies but a higher percentage of them were carrying firearms. Despite the national average climbing, TSA says Salt Lake City International saw a decrease in firearms found on passengers.