OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – A crash on I-15 in Ogden has turned fatal as one of the two passengers struck died of their wounds.

Two passengers were struck while outside of their pickup truck on northbound I-15 near 24th street in Ogden. According to Utah Highway Patrol, one passenger remained on the northbound side of I-15 while the other was thrown over the median and into the neighboring shoulder on southbound I-15.

The passenger thrown over the median was airlifted to a local hospital where police say they died to their wounds. The other passenger reportedly remains in critical condition.

ORIGINAL STORY: Two in critical condition after crash on I-15

Tuesday, October 4 // 12:31 p.m.

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – A crash on I-15 in Ogden has restricted traffic going in both directions resulting in at least two injured and in critical condition.

Utah Highway Patrol Sergeant Cam Roden confirmed with ABC4 that a pickup truck pulling a trailer got at least one flat tire and pulled over to the left shoulder on Northbound I-15 just before 24th Street. 

Both passengers of the truck were outside on the freeway when another truck was passing by, striking them both. One of the passengers remained on the northbound side of I-15, while the other “was thrown over the median into the southbound shoulder.” 

Both passengers are reportedly in critical condition. UHP has closed the left lane going southbound and the left two lanes going northbound.