Two firework holidays mean double the danger

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) — July signifies burn injury season for hospitals. Fireworks safety is top of mind for health officials right now.

With two firework holidays, the 4th and the 24th, there is double the danger. Health professionals want you to have fun but do it safely to avoid a trip to the emergency room.

“This is the kick off to burn injury season we will see an amazing amount of injuries with people who are playing with sparklers and fireworks who aren’t having great supervision,” said Brad Wiggins, RN Manager at the University of Utah Burn Center.

Sparklers can seem innocent but they can reach a scorching 1500 degrees.

“A blowtorch is 1500 degrees to 2000 degrees. Would you hand your 2-year-old a blow torch? Why are you handing them a sparkler?” said Wiggins. 
The experts at the University of Utah Burn Center say parents need to teach their children how to hold sparklers and be with their children at all times.

Health officials say young children shouldn’t be handling fireworks.

Emergency rooms see a lot of hand and upper body injuries from fireworks. Before lighting up, take a moment to think safety first.

“So they take the time to educate their families? Is there an extinguisher close by? If you are doing them in your front yard, do you have a hose prepped and ready to go? Is there a bucket of water to possibly throw on them,” said Wiggins. 

The University of Utah Burn Center wants to also remind you about campfire dangers.

“What they don’t realize is they roll up to a campfire. The coals might still be hot and the children fall into the hot coals,” said Wiggins. 

University of Utah Hospital has the only burn center in the Intermountain West, serving at least 5 states. They receive hundreds of calls about fireworks-related injuries each July.  

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