Two children hospitalized after nearly drowning in swimming pools

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SALT LAKE COUNTY (News4Utah) – Two children were hospitalized this weekend, one in critical condition after nearly drowning in swimming pools.

Sgt. Dave Roberts with West Jordan Police Department said around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, a 3-year-old girl was transported to the hospital after nearly drowning in a swimming pool at Maples at Jordan Hills community near 7800 South 6700 West in West Jordan.

Investigators said the girl’s family had just taken off her floatation devices after they finished swimming for the day. The girl went out of the family’s sight while they were packing up, and went back into the pool. It is unknown whether she fell in or went in willingly.

“As the weather starts to turn warm, we recommend parents pay close attention to their children. It takes just a second for tragedy to happen,” Sgt. Roberts.

Sgt. Roberts said thanks to other people who were at the community pool, the girl was pulled out of the pool and administered CPR. She was transported to the hospital and released Sunday morning.

Detective Ken Hansen with Unified Police Department reported a second near-drowning Sunday morning.

Investigators said a 2-year-old went outside without her parents’ knowledge and climbed into their neighbor’s swimming pool before she was found unconscious.

She was transported to Riverton Hospital and then Primary Children’s Hospital in critical condition. Detective Hansen said her condition is currently unstable.

With swimming pool season in session, law enforcement have the following tips for parents regarding water safety:

• Keep young children at arm’s length, especially at swimming pools without lifeguards.

• Never leave them alone and make sure there is always an adult to watch them

• Keep residential swimming pools barricaded with a minimum 4-foot fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate.

• Put safety covers over pools/hot tubs and remove ladders or steps when pool is not in use

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