Troopers warn drivers to slow down in Lehi area

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LEHI (ABC4 News)- Troopers are out enforcing the 60 miles per hour speed limit through the Technology Corridor on I-15 in Lehi. 

Construction workers say speeders are making things dangerous for them to work.

“Traffic flows very nice right now but with the lanes narrowed and barrier on either side, they still seem to be going very fast,” said Ames Construction Traffic Control Manager Joe Warnick.

He added, “They don’t pay attention. We have workers out there at multiple locations, equipment, behind barriers, outside the clear zone and what not, and people still want to go fast.”

ABC4 News spotted dozens of people pulled over by the Utah Highway Patrol Monday morning for speeding.

“Everything is over 70, several of them over 80 mph,” said UHP Seargent Mark Thompson during a ride-a-long with ABC4’s Jason Nguyen. 

The Technology Corridor is ever changing and that is why troopers say it’s important to go the speed limit.

“We get into construction zones where lanes are shifted, sometimes a little more narrow…you can drive it one morning and the next it is a different configuration, and so you just need more time to react to what is going on,” Sgt. Thompson said.

Warnick’s biggest concern is for his crews in the midst of a crash. 

“The cars can still hit the barrier and fly over it, the debris from the accident can hit the workers,” he said. “Everyone has to remember we are out to do a service for everyone. We don’t like the traffic backing up. We all have somewhere to go but our guys out here have families to go home to as well.”

Troopers plan on being out here for the duration of the project. A fine for speeding in the construction zone can be as high as $870, plus a mandatory court appearance and associated costs. 

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