SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – If you live along the Wasatch Front, there’s a chance you’ve walked right over $50,000 and not even known it. That’s because it’s buried treasure, and on Friday, ABC4 spoke to the men who hid it.

A pair of Utah County women recently dug up a box in Provo’s South Fork Park in the dead of the night. Inside the metal box was a treasure chest containing $4,000 in silver coins.

They didn’t find it with a map, but with an app. Len Wright created the free Treasure Finders phone app to combine geocaching and an old-fashioned scavenger hunt. Now, the Treasure Finders have buried a $50,000 chest somewhere between Centerville and Payson.

“It’s a great activity to do with your grandson, with your kids, with your wife,” Wright told ABC4. “It’s a great date night.”

I think it’s fair to say Len’s partner has really embraced the role. Salt Lake City electrician Abe Hochstetler often dresses and talks like a pirate.

“That be Admiral Abram to you scalawag!” he barks.

OK, Admiral Abram, so what exactly will someone find?

“They’re going to find one thousand ounces of silver and a lease on a new Ford truck, me hearty!” he said.

Full disclosure: this is an all an elaborate marketing campaign to increase foot traffic at local businesses. The app leads you to sponsors that offer discounts and clues to the whereabouts of the big prize.

“You might have one clue that would be: Almost the biggest state, almost the biggest steak, Patrick Swayze, great movie, by the University Mall,” Wright said. “‘Oh, that sounds like Texas Roadhouse’…It’s good for our merchants because they have people come that wouldn’t come to their business normally.”

“The key, matey, is to have a good brain,” Hochstetler said. “Lots of scalawags out there and only the ones with the good brains are going to be able to solve the clues.”

So if you have smarts, a smart phone, and a lot of luck, you might end up digging his chest and getting your hands on all those pieces of eight.

“Oh there’s a big chance they’ll be grabbing my booty, matey,” he said.

In addition to the $50,000,  the treasure finders run other hunts, including a one-day quest coming up a week on Saturday, June 5.

You can download the free app by visiting: