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Trampolines, reptiles and urine: New Utah laws go into effect at midnight

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Many of Utah’s record 574 new pieces of legislation go into effect at midnight Tuesday, many of them addressing critical topics like abortion and hate crimes… others not quite so serious.

Under House Bill 150 all trampoline parks will be regulated. That means licensed, insured and inspected.

Senate Bill 139 makes it illegal to operate a motorized scooter while drinking or drunk…and the Gila Monster becomes the official state reptile of Utah thanks to House Bill 144. 

Chuck Becker, the Reptile Keeper at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, says Gila Monsters are venomous reptiles which live in the deserts of Southern Utah but you’re not likely to spot one in the wild.

“Actually they spend about 95 percent of the day in their burrows trying to stay hidden from everyone,” Becker told ABC4 News. “They live in the deserts where it gets very hot and even reptiles don’t like to be that hot.”

House Bill 16 makes it illegal to possess or distribute any urine other than your own.

The law is designed to prevent using synthetic urine or another person’s urine to cheat drug tests.

“It wasn’t illegal before?” Salt Lake City Resident Cassie Rodebush asked. “OK, That should definitely be illegal.”

Another new law allows the sale of higher alcohol beer at convenience and grocery stores but that one doesn’t go into effect until November.


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