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Trailer that brings toys to kids stolen

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Operation Bald Eagle is an organization that prides itself on helping military families in need -- but now, they say, they need your help.

"Last night I came down from an event and saw that it was missing," said Chris Jeffords with Operation Bald Eagle.

It is their trailer, which Operation Bald Eagle uses to bring toys for kids who need them.

"We've seen grown men choke up and cry when we bring them," said Jeffords.

Sometime this week, he said, the trailer disappeared.

"We could have filled it with toys and brought it to dozens of families," said Jeffords.

"A lot of vets don't get the respect they deserve from people," added Jeffords.

"It's messed up that someone would just come up and steal a trailer just sitting here."

To help out Operation Bald Eagle, please visit their website here.

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