Delta, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – TJ Steadman was at home with his wife Saturday night when he got the devastating phone call, that family members were inside a burning home

“It’s definitely something that you don’t think would happen to you, but it does, you just never see it coming,” Steadman said.  “We rushed from there going about 95 miles per hour all the way across town recklessly I guess, but we and we got here and I’d seen the house on fire blazing.”

Five people were in the house when it caught fire but two were able to escape the flames. Steadman said Glen Smith, was able to carry his mother, Linda Smith out of the house and to safety.

Fire officials prevented him from going back into the house to get more people out due to unsafe conditions. But even then, Glen still “feels guilty”. 

“He honestly feels like he failed, just because he couldn’t get everybody out, but he did do what he could do,” Steadman said. 

Steadman said Linda’s husband, Mike Smith, was on the first floor, but unable to escape on his own due to limited mobility. 

Glen’s brother, Ron Smith and Glen’s girlfriend, Patty Warren, were in the basement, with the only way out engulfed in flames. None were able to escape in time.

“It’s hard to know that that they were screaming out to help ’emout and you can’t get em the fire’s too hot,” Steadman said. 

He says the firefighters, all volunteers, did the best job they could. 

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The neighbors say people tried to come and help once they heard of the fire. 

“If anything happens like the tragedy that happened yesterday they all come together and try to help,” neighbor Dustie Murray said. 

Steadman says Glen and Linda are safe and staying at a family member’s home. 

Neither fire officials nor the family have an answer to how the fire started.  

“Make sure you got fire extinguishers and an escape route because it can happen to anybody,” Steadman said. 

From top to bottom: Ron Smith, Mike Smith, and Patty Warren.

If you are interested in supporting the family, they offered their Venmo information.