COTTONWOOD CANYONS, Utah (ABC4) – Travelers heading towards the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons on Monday will be under full traction law requirements.

All vehicles traveling in the areas must be equipped with snow tires or traction devices. The law is in effect for the Cottonwood Canyons at S.R. 210 and S.R. 190.

As snowfall covers the mountains and higher elevations, roads will become slick and dangerous to drive on. For the Cottonwood Canyons, around four to six inches of snow is expected to fall this week.

Traction laws are put in effect during severe winter weather, aiming to prevent roadway blockage from vehicles unable to navigate the roads safely.

What if I have a two-wheel-drive vehicle?
The traction device requirement for two-wheel-drive vehicles (under 12,000 GVW) when the
traction law is in effect, is four 3 peak mountain snowflake tires (3PMSF).

If you don’t have snow tires, traction devices such as chains, snow socks, tire studs are also acceptable. Two-wheel drive vehicles may be denied access if these requirements are not met. If road conditions become too severe, all vehicles may be denied access for general safety

“Our goal is to provide the safest driving experience possible while traveling the canyons,” says UDOT. One improperly equipped vehicle can put many other people at risk. Please email UDOT at or the canyon officers at with any additional questions about road restrictions or canyon closures.”