UTAH (ABC4) – Utah Parents United and Rep. Ken Ivory say some schools are not following the state’s new law that requires schools to remove indecent material from school libraries. Ivory said his town hall is meant to discuss how his bill HB 374 is being implemented and see how people think it’s going so far. 

While some schools have implemented a review process for books parents are concerned about, Ivory said under state law, some books should be removed immediately, with no review, citing Utah Code 76-10-1227 which covers the definition or depiction of illicit sex or sexual immorality. 

During Monday’s town hall, parents asked Ivory if there are any repercussions for schools not following the law. He said at this point there aren’t, but it is something they are looking at for 2023. 

While most people spoke in favor of removing books, Ivory’s challenger, Hope Goeckritz called Monday’s gathering less of a town hall and more of a lecture. 

She said she was sexually assaulted as a child and a book that got her through it is listed as a book that should now be banned at school. “Reading that book was the first time I ever felt like I could see my experiences represented. That book can be credited for saving my life,” said Goeckritz.