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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) -The 14th Annual Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah will mean a yellow jersey for one professional cyclist and a lot of green for the entire state.

Stage 4 of the Tour will pass by the State Capitol, just one of the scenic locations around the state of Utah that will be showcased to millions of viewers worldwide, according to the race’s Managing Director John Kimball.

“With programming by EuroSport across Europe and Asia the Tour will reach over 400 million homes around the world,” Kimball said at a news conference Wednesday.

That’s a lot of eyeballs on the red rocks, mountains and cities of Utah in addition to online viewers and the estimated 400,000 people who attend in person.

“The Tour of Utah continues to exceed expectations each year,” Kimball said. “With impressive numbers of spectators, of economic impact and of broadcast viewership.”

Vicki Varela, Managing Director of the Utah Department of Tourism, says the event lures cyclists to book tours to ride the race’s stage routes or regular tourists who just want to see the sights.

“People see these amazing professional cyclists. They see the amazing routes and it’s inspiring all of these tours around seeing the Tour of Utah and then getting some time on the bike yourself,” Varela told News4Utah.

Those tourists will pump their bucks, Euros and Yen into our state – about $9.1 billion dollars a year. Even if you’re not a business owner, that’s money in your pocket.

“Every Utah household has $1200 of tax relief as a result of the tourism economy,” Varela said. “$1200 that you and I would be spending, would have to cough up in taxes in another way if we didn’t have tourists…The Tour of Utah is a major contributor to our tourism economy because it inspires exactly the kind of visitors we’re trying to attract.”

The 2018 Tour starts with a Prologue Monday in St. George and finishes on Sunday, August 12th In Park City.

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