BRIGHAM CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Former Utah State University football player Torrey Green claimed he was the victim despite being convicted for multiple counts of rape.

But Wednesday, a district judge called Green a serial rapist and showed no mercy.  He was sentenced 26-years-to-life in prison. Six of eight charges will run consecutively.

Green was convicted in January of raping six women who also attended Utah State University.  He was also convicted of other sexual related crimes.

“This was all consensual,” Green said prior to being sentenced.  “I’m sorry they didn’t feel that way.”

Green, through his attorney, was hoping that all of the charges would run concurrently sparring him from a lengthy prison sentence.

It was the first time Green spoke publicly about the crime and he maintained his innocence.

“I am not a monster,” he said.  “I am not a monster.”

But a number of women who survived the sexual assault said it was not consensual.  And a jury did believe them back in January.

“Thank you for believing our story,” said one of the victims who wished to remain anonymous. “I can’t speak in silence anymore.”

All of the survivors who offered statements did not want their identities revealed.  Some wept as they spoke about the night they were victimized by Green. 

“There is no excuse for restraining a woman and do what she does not want to do,” said one woman. “I am no longer ashamed.”

Judge Brian Cannall called Green a “serial rapist” and to the survivors in the courtroom, he called them courageous. 

“The jury believed you,” he told the women. “The state has believed you. I believe you.”

Afterwards, the woman shed tears of joy and relief.   


“I think there was justice served today, for each one of us individually and will reflect on how we move forward,” said one of the survivors.

Green still facing another trial for the rape of a seventh victim.  A legal issue caused that case to be separated from this case.

If you or someone you know needs help, call the Rape & Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1-888-421-1100.