Tooele County fire started by juvenile playing with fireworks

Local News

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Firefighters worked to protect several homes from a brush fire in Tooele County Tuesday evening. 

Fire officials say the fire was started near 8450 N. Sage Lane by a juvenile playing with fireworks. The use of fireworks is in violation of a ban in the area. 

Fireworks are currently banned in unincorporated Tooele County. 

“I was just trying to keep it at bay until they got here until somebody got here, and they made it,” said Dodge Thompson, homeowner. 
Dodge Thompson noticed the fire in the distance after smelling smoke and he quickly rushed down the street to help. He soon realized there wasn’t much anyone could do.
“I mean it happened fast. It was out of control almost immediately. All we were trying to do is keep it off everybody’s houses,” said Thompson. 
Thompson then noticed those flames were quickly moving towards his property.
“So I seen it coming across the field so I came back to my house I just tried to keep it from getting to the house. Got to the shed, but I got it out and the fire department showed up,” said Thompson. 
Fire crews quickly got the flames under control, but note most the damage and problems came in the first 10 minutes.
“Within that time period we had structures that were involved people were evacuating horses. We were in the process of evacuating homes here behind us,” said Ryan Wilden, with North Tooele Fire District. 
Firefighter say this is the exact reason those bans are in place, and shouldn’t be ignored.
“It’s a frustrating thing for us this time of year because things are so dry and we just can’t drive the point home enough about how dangerous fireworks are under these conditions,” said Wilden. 
Officials say charges will be filed in this incident. 

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