‘Today is not the day to drive freeway speeds’: UDOT warns of standing water on roads

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Rainy conditions can be just as slick as driving on ice, and road officials are asking drivers in poor weather to take the time getting to their destination.

Rainfall could cause standing water on Utah’s roadways, posing a danger to drivers.

“A lot of people underestimate the power of rain,” says John Gleason, a Utah Department of Transportation spokesperson.

He says drivers should exercise caution and slow down.

“Your car could hydroplane if you’re going too fast, so you know, today is not the day to drive freeway speeds,” Gleason says.

Monday, UDOT signs are up in areas of Salt Lake County warning of possible standing water.

“There’s that possibility because anytime you have the intensity of the storm hitting, large amount of precipitation falling in a fast amount of time, roads can see that standing water pretty much anywhere,” Gleason says.

Driving at speeds – typically greater than 35 miles per hour – in wet weather can cause a vehicle to hydroplane.

Experts report if a driver’s car begins to glide on water, the driver should ease their foot off the gas, avoid braking, and slowly correct the spin.

Doing their part to keep people safe, Gleason says UDOT has maintenance crews out on the roads making sure storm drains are draining properly and roads don’t see an excessive amount of water.

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