To beard or not to beard, that is Pleasant Grove Police Department’s question

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PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC4 News) – A current policy with the Pleasant Grove Police Department might be looking for a make-over, of beards that is. 

Currently, officers are prohibited from growing facial hair (except a small mustache). The department said this policy has been adhered to in an effort to “create a professional and approachable police force”.

The origination of the policy was that beards seemed more unprofessional and made officers less approachable to the general public.

“It is the mission of our department to provide this great community with exceptional police services, but more than that, we want our community to feel as though the Officers that serve the community are approachable,” said in a post on the Pleasant Grove Police Facebook page. 

The department is not looking at the idea of changing that policy “as times change so do trends, styles, and fashion.”

It seems that everywhere you look, more and more men are sporting beards of all kinds.

“This facial hair policy is currently under review by the Chief of Police. Many Officers would like to wear a beard or goatee, and have been requesting a policy change for years,” said the post.

Many departments across Utah also participate in the No Shave November and are allowed to grow out beards for charity.

“We have relaxed our facial hair standard in past years for charity (sub for Santa) and it has been very effective in raising money for the needy in the community. During this time we have received more compliments than complaints about the extra hair on our Officers faces. We recognize that this may just be because of the charity effort,” continued the post.

The department said they would not be abandoning our sub for Santa program, but would be enhancing it.

“We do not want to compromise our professionalism or to become less approachable to the public as a result. Our relationship with our community is paramount and so we need your insight,” said in the post.

While showing a picture of Sergeant Adamson who agreed to use himself as their example, the department asked the public one question:

“Should we cut it or keep it?”

If you would like to chime in, you can visit their Facebook and post a comment. They want to know your thoughts of if the Chief of Police should adjust the facial hair policy to include a well trimmed and neatly manicured beard or goatee? Or should they keep the policy the way it has been for decades?

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