UTAH (ABC4) – Summer months are beginning to wind down and throughout the state of Utah, hunters are beginning to prep for archery hunts.

Utah’s first big game hunts begin Saturday, Aug. 20 as the archery buck, spike elk and any-bull elk get the fall season underway.

The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) released some tips to help prevent injuries and allow hunters for a safe and successful hunt.

Tree Stand Safety

Hunters who plan to hunt in a tree stand should be sure to check the stand’s weight rating, making sure the stand will support both you and the weight of your equipment.

“Hunters sometimes forget to factor in the weight of their equipment,” says Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Hunter Education Program Manager RaLynne Takeda. “If the combined weight of your body and the equipment is greater than the weight the stand can support, it could easily collapse, sending you and your gear to the ground.”

The DWR reminds hunters that climbing the tree stand with gear could also present a risk.

Know Your Target

Every hunter should know the maximum range they are comfortable shooting. Before hunters release their arrows at a deer or elk be sure to know what is beyond your intended target.

Preparation Tips

Before heading out into Utah’s country, take a look at some preparation tips from the DWR:

  • Check your equipment. Be sure to check your bow for any flaking or operating, making sure the strings on the bow are not fraying. Double check the draw weight and the arrow’s spline.
  • Sharpening broadhead arrows. Sharpening broadhead arrows can be dangerous so be sure to take your time and be careful.
  • Practice. Use the same broadheads you plan to use on your hunt and become familiar with the way they shoot.
  • Get permission. If you are planning to hunt private land, be sure to get written permission from the landowners or find another access point to your unit.
  • Tracking the animal. After you take your shot and confirm you’ve hit the animal, allow 30 minutes before tracking. If you track the animal too soon, you may spook it into running making it harder to find your harvest.

For a full list of tips to help prevent injuries and how to prepare for a safe and successful hunt, click here.