Morgan County Commission Republican primary race winner picked in most unusual way

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UPDATE (ABC4 News) – 47-year-old Jared Andersen won the Morgan County Commission Republican primary race after three district court judges pulled his name out of a glass bowl.

The tie-breaker was rare, and the manner in which the winner was selected was even more unusual but after Andersen and his opponent Cindy Carter both received 541 votes, the decision fell the to the 2nd district court judges.

ABC4 was unable to find any other political races that had to be decided in such a manner, possibly making this a first in the state.

You can watch the event here:


MORGAN COUNTY, Utah – The Morgan County Commission Republican primary race ended in a tie, and in a rare, yet legal event, Judges from Utah’s Second Judicial District will gather to decide a winner.

Candidates Jared Andersen and Cindy Carter each received 541 votes, according to the Morgan County Clerk’s Office.

In an event that hasn’t occurred in at over 10 years, Presiding Judge David Connors, Associate
Presiding Judge Michael DiReda, and Judge Noel Hyde will meet at the Morgan County Council
chamber on Thursday July 30 to draw lots to determine the winner.

It is up to the judges to determine a method and some options include a coin toss, drawing straws, or
drawing names out of a hat.

As of Tuesday, neither candidate had requested a recount, which by law was the last day to request one

Dictated by Utah Code 20A-9-403(6)(b) states when a tie vote occurs in any primary election for any county office, the district court judges of the district in which the county is located shall, at a public meeting called by the judges and in the presence of the candidates involved, select the nominee by lot cast in whatever manner the judges determine.

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