SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — A local theater company is working beyond the stage to help those in need.

Led by Jonah Ericson, Cody O’Hare and Mara Atzenhoffer, ThreePenny Theatre Company offers affordable tickets to their shows on a “pay-as-you-may” basis, allowing shows to be accessible to everyone.

ThreePenny Theatre Company strives to include impoverished, lower-income and unhoused people in classes and rehearsals in the theatrical arts. By including these communities in programs centering on training in writing, acting, directing and carpentry, the theatre hopes to develop written and vocal communication, teamwork and practical construction skills.

Along with this initiative, ThreePenny produces works designed to educate and engage the larger community in the ideas, perspectives and shortcomings that shape our society.

Their latest endeavor is The Life of Galileo by Bertolt Brecht, translated by David Hare. The play follows the events of a real historical figure whose decisions and refusal to listen to authority changed science and society.

A story of love, suffering and dedication, the play highlights the life of the scientist, fraud, hero, villain, myth, and man.

The show runs November 11th-19th. Tickets can be found on the ThreePenny Theatre Company website.