ROOSEVELT, Utah (ABC4) – Three students have been charged in connection to social media posts encouraging school gun violence.

Roosevelt City Police say no weapons were brought to campus and no students were imminently endangered, rather the students are guilty of sharing and commenting on posts about school violence. Police say the posts suggested they were planning to participate in “bring your gun to school day.” 

Police say the three students are facing felony charges for social media threats targeting schools within the Duchesne School District on Dec. 17.

“The Roosevelt Police Department will have zero tolerance for such acts and will continue to monitor and aggressively follow up on posts or verbal comments made by individuals if they promote and or encourage this kind of behavior,” police say.

The students’ parents have been cooperative during this time. Officials are encouraging parents to speak to their children about the serious consequences of dangerous social media trends. Parents should encourage children to report anything suspicious they may see online. 

This latest case is part of a disturbing new nationwide trend circulating on TikTok encouraging students to bring weapons to school. Administrators and officers have been dealing with a string of similar incidents in Utah this past month including incidents affecting East High School, West High School, Box Elder County Schools, Granite District schools, and more.

“Our children deserve to have a safe worry-free school environment and we are dedicated to the preservation of school safety in all of our schools in the city,” police say. “Please encourage your students to report any threats. If you see something, say something.”