SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Three men have been charged with murder after the killing of 41-year-old Deliford Knight outside of the Salt Palace Convention Center.

On September 3, 2022 at approximately 3:19 p.m., Salt Lake City Police dispatch received multiple 911 calls regarding a shooting that occurred at 130 South West Temple Street.

Officers responded and found Knight, lying in the street with a single gunshot wound to his chest. Medical personnel responded and transported him to the University of Utah Hospital, where he subsequently died from his injuries.

Detectives learned that there was a shoe convention taking place at the Salt Palace Convention Center, which Knight, his brother and a friend attended.

Video surveillance shows Knight sitting inside the Convention Center when three men, later identified as 22-year-old Deng Mawut Buk, 21-year-old Joshua Goy Riak and 18-year-old Nogolweit “Nunu” Kug, all out of Salt Lake City, approach him and begin participating in what was later determined to be a card game.

Court documents state that shortly thereafter, an argument ensued between the men, and they all walked out of the Convention Center.

Video surveillance shows the men get into a physical altercation that spills out into the street.

Kug reportedly began pursuing Knight, and court documents state that Buk, Riak and Kug began fighting Knight in between a parked vehicle and a vehicle that was stuck in traffic.

Knight reportedly “got away” and Kug continued to pursue him, with Riak and Buk following as well.

Police say that Knight was walking backwards, facing Kug and trying to get away, when Kug then “pulled a
handgun out of his pants and pointed it at Knight, shooting him in the street.”

Buk reportedly ran toward the parking garage, and police say Kug and Riak both rummaged through Knight’s pockets, taking what appeared to be a wad of cash.

Upon Buk’s arrest, he reportedly admitted to being present at the Convention Center, but claimed he was by himself. Police say he claimed that he watched a fight in front of the Convention Center, saying he heard someone lost money gambling. He reportedly said that he heard a shot, but didn’t see who fired the shot.

Buk later identified himself, Riak and Kug in images captured from video surveillance, and admitted Riak was with him. Buk had reportedly cut his hair off, and told detectives it was because “he was scared.”

On September 5, detectives arrested Riak, who reportedly said he was at the Salt Palace to purchase shoes at the convention. Court documents state that Riak admitted he was with Buk, who he identified as “30”.

Kug is known to law enforcement, and “30” is reportedly a known moniker or nickname for him.

Riak said that at the convention, he came into contact with Knight, and played “several card games” involving betting. Riak said that he lost $1,000 to Knight in the card games, and claimed that Knight stole $2000 from his pocket.

Riak reportedly said he, Buk and “30” followed Knight outside to get his money back. Riak said that during the fight, he saw “30” shoot Knight with a gun. Riak admitted to taking money from Knight’s pockets after the shooting, and said “30” handed him car keys before they fled the area.

Court documents state that Kug, otherwise known as “30,” is a documented member of the 220 Blood gang.

Each of the defendants faces a First-Degree Felony Murder charge and First-Degree Felony Aggravated Robbery charge, while Buk faces one additional charge of Second-Degree Felony Obstruction of Justice.