SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A 17-year-old boy became the victim of an aggravated robbery and kidnapping that took place in a Salt Lake City motel on August 29 after police say he was set up by a girl who was working in conjunction with two adult men.

The two men involved in this incident, Jayson Boal, 29, and Anthony Penegar, 28, are each facing one count of First Degree Felony Aggravated Robbery, and one count of First Degree Felony Aggravated Kidnapping.

The Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD) says this case began on August 28, when officers were dispatched to 223 North Jimmy Doolittle Road on reports of a robbery. Police say that the 17-year-old victim told them that he had met a girl at a gas station who “claimed she needed help paying for gas and that she had no money.” The boy reportedly shared his contact information with the girl after paying for her gas.

The next day, August 29, SLCPD says that the boy told them he met with the girl again and paid for more gas for her vehicle before making arrangements to get a motel room with her at the Super 8 located at 223 North Jimmy Doolittle Road.

According to police records, the boy reported that he was followed by two men upon entering the motel room, one who punched him in the face while the other held him at gunpoint. The boy told SLCPD that the girl and the two men, later identified as Boal and Penegar, stole his cell phone, wallet, car keys, and vehicle which “contained valuable collecting cards.”

The boy reportedly shared what he believed to be the girl’s name with SLCPD, who later located the boy’s car being driven by a girl by the same name. Police records state that the name was later found to be “an alias,” and the girl was identified as a juvenile, as well as Penegar’s girlfriend.

SLCPD reportedly obtained surveillance footage from the motel, which allegedly showcased Penegar and Boal following the girl and the victim into the motel room, where they held “the victim in the room for 13 minutes against his will before leaving.”

Police say that the girl admitted to setting up the victim so that Penegar and Boal could rob him in the motel room. Further evidence was reportedly found in the case against Penegar and Boal, including the victim’s prescription medication located in Boal’s residence.

Police records note that, while the investigation into this incident was ongoing, Penegar “attempted to contact his AP&P agent in an effort to determine if he was a suspect in this case. He eventually fled to a residence not listed as either of his residences and then refused to exit the house when officers surrounded the home and tried to call him out.”

Both Boal and Penegar have since been booked into Salt Lake County Jail on the charges previously stated.

ORIGINAL STORY: Three arrested after aggravated robbery results in injured 17-year-old

AUGUST 29, 2022 / 11:34 AM

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – SLCPD Detectives and SWAT Team have arrested three suspects allegedly involved in an aggravated robbery.

The alleged incident took place early Sunday morning when an unidentified 17-year-old reported being assaulted by two men at gunpoint and having personal items and his car stolen near a hotel in Salt Lake City. The 17-year-old was entering the hotel room with a woman when the two men approached him.

With the assistance of the SLCPD SWAT Team, detectives safely took Anthony Penegar, 28, and Jayson Boal, 29, into custody. SLCPD officers additionally took a 17-year-old minor into custody after finding her driving the man’s stolen vehicle at 7 a.m. Sunday morning.

Through the investigation, officers and detectives developed information leading to the locations of the suspects. Detectives used court-authorized search warrants at two homes to apprehend the suspects.

Penegar and Boal have been booked into the Salt Lake County Metro Jail on charges of Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Kidnapping. The 17-year-old woman has been booked in the Salt Lake Valley Detention Center for her involvement in the robbery.

No other information has been released at this time.