Thousands sign petition for animal cruelty charges after dog abandoned in Utah desert

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CARBON COUNTY (News4Utah) – Thousands are seeking justice for a dog that was abandoned in the Utah desert.   

A petition is calling on authorities in Carbon County to bring about animal cruelty charges against the man last known for having Nala, a dog that was found abandoned after she was rehomed from her original family.

When Nala was found she had been hit by car and was wandering in the desert for weeks, but the dog’s original owner Brandi Cross said she doesn’t know the full extent of the ordeal Nala experienced. 

“From there, it turned into a web of a million lies of what really happened to Nala after she left our house,” said Cross.

The petition was started by the woman who found Nala and she has since reconnected the dog with her original owners.  Nala’s original family had to find her a new home because she didn’t get along with her daughter’s therapy dog.

As of Tuesday night, the petition had nearly met its goal of 50,000 signatures.

In a statement to News4Utah, Clinton Jorgensen, the man named in the petition as the person who last had Nala said:

“I was camping, the dog got lost, and I did not abandon her and even tried to locate her days afterward. I have friends and family who were around at the time and will verify this in statements to the police if this does get carried much further.”

View the petition here

If you would like to donate to help with Nala’s medical expenses, a GoFundMe page was created for contributions. 

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