SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Salt Lake City dads, Jason Myers and Brian Nicholls, post their DIY projects on their Instagram page, @dadsbydesign.

And for their daughter, Sydney’s third birthday, they decided to surprise her with one of their creations: a Peloton bike in her size.

“I think part of it was to try to keep our overly eager three-year-old off of our Peloton to try to keep her somewhere a little more safe,” Nicholls says. “Because as soon as we got our Peloton, we got it in December, and as soon as we got it, she just wanted to ride on it and wanted to play with it.”

Myers says the day the bike was delivered, Sydney sat on the crossbar, saying she was going to ride it and to turn on the music.

“We don’t know how she knew that a stationary bike has music or how she knew how to ride it, but ever since then, she’s wanted to ride it,” he states. “And she would say things like, when I’m a big girl, I’m going to ride the bike, and I’m going to get big and strong.”

A Google search ended in the two finding a tutorial for turning an old Fisher Price Smart Cycle bike into a Peloton. Fisher Price doesn’t make the bike anymore, so they had to turn to Ebay to find one.

According to Myers, the entire project took only about two and a half hours of work to spray paint it and attach the Peloton decals that a friend created using a Cricut.

“We’ve done other DIY projects, and this is probably on the easier end of what we’ve done,” Nicholls says.

Myers and Nicholls posted the reveal on their Instagram:

“When she got home, we did her presents and we had set the little mini Peloton bike up in our room next to our actual Peloton bike,” Nicholls explains. “We kept her out of that room and did all of her other presents and stuff first and then at the end, we were like, okay, we have one more.”

“Then she turned the corner and sees it and just runs to it and is like ‘wow, is this mine?'”

According to Myers, Sydney talks about the bike all the time.

“She woke up everyday this week like, “I’m going to ride the bike and exercise!” he says.

The two began chronicling their home DIY projects on Instagram after receiving compliments on their work when selling their home. They moved into a new house in December 2016 that they say needed much more work.

“As we fix this house up and do projects, we’ll chronicle it because we didn’t before and people said we did a good job when we sold the house,” Myers says. “Just so we have record of it and if people want to look at it, they can. We started sharing our family stories as part of that. That’s how that all came to be.”

When asked if he thinks Peloton should make an exercise bike for children, he said yes.

“It’s kind of surprising that they haven’t honestly… and I don’t know why Fisher Price stopped making the bike that we modified. It seems like there’s a market for it. I don’t know,” he says.

In fact, Myers says the response the Instagram video received was overwhelming.

“So many people were like, our kids need this! And tagging so and so, so you can do this for your kid,” he tells ABC4.

Myers says the purpose of the Instagram has shifted from DIY projects more to sharing about the joy of family life.

“I’m living the life that I have always dreamt that I would have and so everyday I’m just grateful for that, and that’s why we share our story online. For even one person to see that that’s possible and if that helps one person and the joy that we have in our family brings joy or hope to somebody else, that’s really the only reason why we do what we do and why it shifted from just DIY projects,” he shares.

Nicholls says when he was growing up as a gay teenager in Utah, he wasn’t sure if he would ever have the chance to have children and a family of his own.

“And so to be able to have a family and be a family now, it just means so much more to us than it does to a lot of families,” he shares. “And I know that a lot of families, being parents and being a family is the most important thing to them, but when its something that you never thought that you would have ever, but its something that you want and you do get… it just sort of puts a whole new spin on how grateful you are to be alive in the time that you are so that you have those options, you have those opportunities presented.”

“The opportunity to be a family and to raise our daughter just means the world to me. I’ll just be forever grateful that that could be a part of my life,” he adds.