(Stacker) — Early childhood education provides students with a foundation for success for the rest of their lives. In studies about the ROI of early education, for every $1 spent, $7 are generated later. As a result, it is imperative to invest in children’s futures by providing them high-quality learning environments and curricula.

Because there can be vast differences in the number and type of resources distributed among school districts, it is left largely up to parents to determine what school is best for their child. In response to that need, Stacker compiled a list of the best public elementary schools in Utah using rankings from Niche.

6. Ranches Academy

  • School district: Eagle Mountain
  • Enrollment: 371
  • Niche grade: A

5. North Star Academy

  • School district: Bluffdale
  • Enrollment: 530
  • Niche grade: A+

4. Lincoln Academy

  • School district: Pleasant Grove
  • Enrollment: 881
  • Niche grade: A+

3. Canyon Rim Academy

  • School district: Salt Lake City
  • Enrollment: 524
  • Niche grade: A+

2. Jefferson Academy

  • School district: Kaysville
  • Enrollment: 682
  • Niche grade: A+

1. Edith Bowen Laboratory School

  • School district: Logan
  • Enrollment: 355
  • Niche grade: A+

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