The winter inversion is back. When will the air clear again?

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – The inversion is back.

On Tuesday, Utah’s air was “orange” in many parts of the state — an indication that sensitive groups will especially notice symptoms with prolonged exposure to Utah air.

“Unhealthy for sensitive people, and that is people who are children because they’re outside and they breathe in and out a lot faster, so they’re taking in that particulate pollution that gets lodged in their lungs, older individuals, anyone who has a compromised respiratory condition, people who have asthma,” said Donna Kemp Spangler, with Utah Dept. of Environmental Quality.

It’s possible a weather pattern mid-week could move out the inversion, although the storm coming this weekend is more likely to do it.

Inversions trap the cold air beneath a layer of warm air — creating a lid.

Under that lid is fine particulate matter or PM2.5.


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