The ‘U’ pays up 5K to half court shot winner

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT (ABC4UTAH) —  A follow up to that half court shot debacle at the University of Utah men’s basketball game.
17-year-old Charlie Caine made that epic shot but was told the university wouldn’t pay up because of his age. That all change when Charlie took to Twitter.
ABC4’S Surae Chinn talks exclusively with Charlie Caine by phone.

The Olympus High School senior hit the jackpot in his half court shot at the Utes men’s basketball game Friday night.
Charlie Caine, ‘big shock. I was on top of the world.’

But after the excitement, a big blow.

Charlie ‘they told me I was not eligible to receive the $5,000.’

Disqualified because he was underage. The buzz kill set in and that night Charlie took to twitter:
‘still stoked I made the shot but I would appreciate some money.’
Charlie mistakenly tagged Mountain America Credit Union. The students around him gave him wrong information.  

But the fire storm on Twitter already ignited, forcing the bank to respond.
Tony Rasmussen, VP of Public Relations at Mountain America Credit Union, “Mountain America is not a sponsor the U of U Athletics or this contest.”

Charlie, “that was a big mistake on my part.”
Turns out the university was responsible for paying up. It prompted Athletic Director Chris Hill to personally contact Charlie.
In the end the U’s athletic department will pay up and issued this statement in regards to the major half time foul:

‘We do not have a policy on underage participants in our promotions because there is no age requirement. individuals of any age may participate in the promotions at our events and are eligible for the prizes. as soon as the administration learned of the misunderstanding with the half-court shot and the 17-year-old winner, chris hill took immediate steps to arrange for full payment to him. we will educate staff workers so that this type of miscommunication does not occur in the future.’
Liz Abel
Sr. Associate Athletics Director
Director of Communications

Charlie, “I have nothing but respect for the ‘U,’  Chris Hill, the athletic department. Same with Mountain America Credit Union and again I apologize.”

Charlie is donating half of the winnings to a local non-profit he volunteers with and now it will have enough for their Christmas service project. By the way, Charlie is a huge longtime Utes fan. Both of his grandparents were professors at the U.

Half of Charlie’s winnings will go to a non-profit:

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