The Road Home shelter won’t close on time, officials say

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – What happens to the Rio Grande area once The Road Home shelter closes? On Wednesday afternoon, officials admitted The Road Home won’t close on time, and they also had vague descriptions of what the Rio Grande area policing and law enforcement presence will look like after The Road Home closes.

Lt. Spencer Cox addressed members of the Pioneer Park Coalition Wednesday afternoon.

“There’s going to a period for sure, six months, a year, where we’re helping the homeless population through that transition,” said Cox.

Cox said delays with the South Salt Lake resource center have pushed back The Road Home Shelter closure, which has been mandated for the end of June.

He said there will be law enforcement in and around the Rio Grande area even after that, though some of the details are still being worked out — including funding.

“We know that instinctively, and as people move back into the area, those who come back, who are experiencing homelessness, they’re going to go to that area,  they may not know where the new resource centers are, so we’re going to have transportation — how do we get them where they need to go? How do we make sure that we continue to patrol that area, the work that’s going around Pioneer Park — to make sure that that area remains safe for families,” said Cox.

Cox promised more details during an address to the media next week.

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