‘The Other Side of Heaven’ Sequel coming 2019

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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – Creators announced Tuesday they will be creating a sequel to the LDS film The Other Side of Heaven. Filming starts in Fiji in April and the film is set to release April 2019. 

Released in 2001, The Other Side of Heaven is the highest grossing LDS film to date. It was produced by Disney and distributed worldwide. In it, a young Elder Groberg finds himself called to serve an LDS mission on the islands of Tonga. He struggles to survive, learn the language, and teach the people, but soon comes to consider the place his second home. 

The story is based on reality and the real Elder Groberg is now serving as a General Authority for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His life story is set to continue in the sequel. 

Writer and director Mitch Davis explains, “This movie tells the true story of when he returns only ten years later with a wife and five little daughters, one only a few months old, to the same place to serve as mission president.”

Filmmakers say they waited to continue with the sequel until they had the resources to replicate the scale of the original. The films budget is a little under ten million dollars and they will be filming in Fiji where the tax rebate for filming is over 40 percent. 

Davis said the goal of the film is not to preach, but to tell a true story.

“We shouldn’t expect other people to tell people who we are because we might not like what they say.”

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