The Justice Files: Dad avoids death penalty after admitting to killing ‘possessed’ son

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OGDEN Utah (ABC4) – Alex Hidalgo avoided the death penalty when he admitted to murdering his son.

Hidalgo was charged with aggravated murder for the 2018 stabbing of his son. But the death penalty was taken off the table as part of the plea bargain.

In July 2017, Ogden police arrived at an apartment complex after receiving a 911 call of a child being murdered.

Police soon learned baby Alex was in a trash bag. His father stuffed the bag into a closet and fled.  

“He was such a coward and ran out the front door just before his body,” said Angela Drake, his common law wife.

It was Drake who discovered the dead child when she returned from running errands.  According to a police affidavit, Drake found Hidalgo with a bible in his hands near the trash-bag.  He later told investigators his son was possessed by the devil.

Lee Gomez, Hidalgo’s brother was aware of those demonic tendencies.

“He said he was seeing things and the voices are talking to him, the devil’s talking to him,” Gomez said in 2018.

Hidalgo was mentally evaluated and declared competent.  In December 2020, Hidalgo accepted the plea deal and was scheduled for sentencing in 2021.

At his sentencing Hidalgo offered an apology and said the murder still haunts him.

“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my son and show remorse for what I have done and the hurt and the pain and the sorrow that I have caused everyone,” Hidalgo said.  “I ask God’s forgiveness every day and to hear what I heard, please forgive me.”

Drake was also present at the sentencing.  She said she had high hopes for her family, that they would raise their children together.  But Drake said all that was shattered that day in July.  Her dreams were shattered by the murder of her son.  

“Not only do I mourn my son every second of every day, I miss his sweet smile and the lovingly way he looked at me,” Drake said.

Judge Michael Direda sentenced Hidalgo to consecutive sentences for aggravated murder and obstruction of justice.  When combined, Hidalgo will serve at least 26 years and up to life in prison.

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